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New Error Document
Error Document Code
* WARNING: these combination of error codes and subcodes are supported only by Internet Information Service version 6.0
Choose the document type FILE   URL
Path to Custom Error page
If you check "URL":
- it will allow you to use scripts (php/ASP) to dynamically generate error pages (alternatively, use static error page files for each type of error page);
- error page files for this domain can't be shared with other domains, therefore "Path to Custom Error page" must be relative to the virtual host and start with "/".

If you check "FILE":
- only static error page files can be used;
- the same error page files for this domain can be shared with other account domains, therefore "Path to Custom Error page" must be relative to the user home directory.
For instance, with the following file path, all account domains will share this error page:
- use the "\" character as a delimiter in the file path;
- do not start the file path with "\".